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Resident End of Lease

Of course we would love to see our residents stay on with us and renew their lease, however, if there is a situation where you will not be renewing, this is what you can expect as far as the following steps in this process:

Provide 30-day Notice to Vacate

Receive Confirmation and Move Out Packet

Inspection to be complete upon surrendering the property

Return of your security Deposit within 30 days

30 Day Notice

We require a full 30 day written Notice to Vacate from all ending leases and appreciate even more notice to make sure we have time to make the preparations to get your home back on the market and find a renter. At 30 days out from the end of the lease, we will put the home back on the market and will be showing the property to prospective new residents. Your lease agreement authorizes CanDo! Property Management to show the property for rent the last 30 days of your lease. Depending on the property, we may place a sign in the yard and a key box on the property to begin showings. If you want to opt out of this, you will be required to pay an additional month of rent.

We do expect you to allow representatives from CanDo! Property Management to show the property during that 30 day period.


We will do a full inspection after you have fully vacated the property and turned in the keys. At that time we will do a full assessment including our own walk thru video, and a full set of move out pictures.

Security Deposit

Based on our 3 step inspections, we will itemize out the security deposit. Once you have fully surrendered the property to us and leave us a forwarding address, we have 30 days from that point to send you the security deposit.

Automatic Payments

TURN OFF ALL AUTOMATIC RENTAL PAYMENTS! If you have autopay set up in your tenant portal, it is your responsibility to turn that off.

If you need to terminate a lease early, see our Residents Resources page for a video explaining that process.

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