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Suburb Houses

Let Us Help You With Your Idaho Property Management Needs


Our online Owner Portal allows you 24/7 access to your property's financial information.



If a tenant we placed needs to be evicted, we will pay up to $1000 of the legal fees. If a pet that we placed in your property causes damage, we will pay up to $1000 in pet damages.


Marketing is key to placing high-quality tenants in your property. By listing your property on popular listing sites, social media sites, and setting up properties for self-showings, prospective tenants can easily and quickly find and view your property, which speeds up the renting process leading to shorter vacancy saving you money.


We incentivize and reward tenants to pay rent on time each month and we make it easy to do so through various payment options. We collect our fees from rent collected, so we don’t get paid until you get paid.


Routine bi-annual photo inspections encourage tenants to take care of your property and allow you to keep an eye on the condition of your property to plan and budget for upcoming maintenance. We also offer an additional Complete Home Service Inspection per year upon request.


Placing the right tenant in your property is the most important step in the process, for this reason, we assess each applicant thoroughly by checking criminal background and credit history, performing landlord and employment verification, and more. Our unique screening system allows us to get a “big picture view” of each tenant for a better assessment.


Our 24/7 Maintenance Hotline ensures all maintenance issues are being troubleshot and addressed promptly through our vetted and qualified vendors. We have low, normal, and urgent protocols to ensure cost control.


Our Lease Agreement is fully compliant with Idaho tenant-landlord laws, and Fair Housing laws. Lease violations are handled promptly and professionally to resolve the situation to help prevent the escalation to an eviction.

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